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    Scrapbook Guidelines

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    Scrapbook Guidelines

    Post by Letitia on Sun Feb 05, 2017 5:26 pm

    The information listed below is something that you can use for basic formatting of your character's scrapbooks.  The overall format is not as important as the content therein, so if you feel particularly inclined to fancy yours up a bit, by all means go ahead!  We won't stifle any creativity... or lack thereof.  You can break these up into multiple replies under one thread if you prefer that look, too!

    General Information

    Alias(es) (if any):

    Present Summary

    Here you can add a brief summary of what your character has been up to recently or where they can currently be found.

    Brief Timeline

    - 20xx: Born.
    - 20xx: Moved to x.
    - 20xx: Got some land.

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